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Aug 20, 2011


I have never seen men move this graceful. It put the lady models on the runway to shame.

I was updating this post (“Animax-LaMB”) and saw a thumbnail under suggestions. I’m not a fan of fashion but I was curious why are these 4 men wearing high heels (with ease!!) and got 3 million views? I 1st thought they were supermodels until they started dancing. I was mesmerized by their choreography and style of fusing what looked like ballet (or contemporary) and hip-hop. I know that this is nothing new but Kazaky blends it what seem to be a oneness of 2 dance styles with heavy influence of fashion of course. Their performance gave me an impression of Avant-garde or an updated version of Madonna’s “Vogue.” Nonetheless they’re talented dancers and amazing performers (I wonder if they could get in of “Randy Jackson America’s Best Dance Crew”).

(In case this video is taken down, here’s an official vid

Kazaky is an Ukrainian dance group that makes their own music and sings them (talk about the “whole package”). Here’s a excerpt from their website:

“...Kazaky is the syndicate of 4 individuals: Oleg, Artur, Kyryll and Francesco, who show incredible combination of man`s beauty, breathtaking plastique and magnificent charisma...
...The boys are engaged in choreographing, writing and performing new songs. All aspects of their work that are based on experiments and surprising solutions, stand beyond any bounding concepts.”

Their music is not bad. It’s perfect for clubs and fashion shows or similar to that. So do check them out except for very ultra conservative people out there and kids because of some of their lyrics.



(Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm...)