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Aug 14, 2011

Dance Central @ G-Mall

I heard of Dance Central about a week ago and I couldn't believe that such a technology landed here in Davao. I mean, we usually get scraps but it would be cool to have such a thing here.

I went to G-Mall for a meeting. Afterwards I arrived at the arcade area. I checked on what a cluster of people was looking onto and there it was - DANCE CENTRAL!! It's not a flashy game but for me, it made more sense than Dance Revolution (no offense).

(Is it me, does this guy look like Mark Kanemura)

Choreography is more fluid, realistic and you really have to use your whole body. I know you can do the same in Dance Revolution but you can always just use your feet and hold on to something. Also your not limited to 4 huge buttons. Their music selection is great and familiar to our ears. I imagine that some of the gamers would at least start dancing simple steps and techno music sounds kinda intimidating.

I was itching to try it out for myself but there were a lot of kids around. Kids now a days can sometimes be brutally critical when it comes to their world. That happened to me before when I was playing Tekken. I kept hearing this kid "coaching" beside me which button to push and so and so forth. I could hardly enjoy the game (I wonder what "Lola Techy" would do?).

The game looks fun even for those who haven't tried it before or even heard of. Great job to HARMONIX!! Kinect technology is AWESOME! We're getting close towards teleportation transport.

"Dance Central 2"