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Aug 10, 2011

Toshiba 550D - AMD C50 Beats Intel Atom!

Around June (or July) of this year, I notice that there were a lot of Toshiba 520s in a computer store for sale and that's with the Harmon/Kardon speakers. I thought it to be weird since they occupy the whole table not including the window display 'coz a store usually showcase their variety of products and models available.

Weeks after, I stumbled upon the reason and that's Toshiba's 550D and that's "D" for AMD's Fusion APU that's commonly called "C-50." This particular processor is built with ATI's Radeon HD 6250 that's ideal for multimedia but more importantly for gaming. To take full advantage of AMD C-50 capabilities in Toshiba's 550D, you'll have to upgrade it's RAM to 4GB, replace storage to SSD and reinstall Windows 7 with the 64 bit.

("Unboxing..." by Nicole Scott from

I wish I could give you a first hand review about Toshiba 550D but there's plenty about it for the full specs of this device. I just like to comment on AMD's C50 beating Intel Atom. It's not everyday that you get to see AMD shining over Intel. I have nothing against Intel and they're great and all but AMD is the underdog. So nicely done. I know that Intel's going to build a better one but let AMD have their moment.

HDMI port instead of VGA.

See How CRYSIS runs on this device.

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