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The post that you're looking for are still here. I just notice that old urls aren't working since I deleted this blog to get some of the features.


ust Jotting Down Things is mainly a blog about music (multi genre), art, animation, humor, technology/gadgets, drawings, paintings, film, photography, planting, pets/animals, comics, opinion, oddities, some tidbits, food/beverage and an online vendor.

Why so many topics? It started out as way to dynamically communicate to relatives outside the Philippines since emails alone are bland. These are topics that interest the blogger's love ones but have become more of the blogger's preference.


The author posted some
her works and including her paintings.

Thank you for going through this blog.

(NOTE: Some posts are not for kids. It's not porn! Some topics and language may be offensive, depending on your tolerance or openness to ideas that most people don't agree.)