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Feb 27, 2009


I keep seeing commercials and trailer of (tanDA-DAN!!) LaMB. I'm excited to see this anime not only does it looks cool, it was written by Carmelo Juinio who won (“Special Mention Award”) the script writing contest organized by Animax back in 2007. It’s strange though ‘coz he didn’t get the grand prize (2 million Yen) but they produced the animation, did promos, hired a fashion designer, hired musicians, develop an online game and voice actors are famous! So I’m just curious and don’t give me that, “oh it’s much better than the grand prize” BS.

The original title of his entry was “Laminated Woman: To the Sand Planet Cerra” and they changed it to LaMB which is better. Try cramming the original title to a tiny ad space. From what I’ve seen/read, it’s set in the future where prisoners are sealed in a suit (or laminated) instead of being imprisoned in a jail cell. While in their suits, they are forced to do labor (I don’t think you need to be laminated to be forced to work, right?) and some people are against this justice system of turning them into slaves. Hence the battle of morality and the efficient productivity of the lamination justice system. Oh, also keeping the citizens of Planet Cerra safe and protected. (Read an article by S haun A. Noordin from for details).

I wish that Animax were available locally so that we here in Pinas can see LaMB too. Anyways, a big congratulation to Carmelo Juinio! (Writer interview)