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Feb 8, 2009

Some Quick Photos of "Cake" & "Beef"

I started taking care of a "Betta Splenden Fish", "Siamese Fighting Fish" or commonly known here in the Phlippines as just "Fighting Fish" last December 31, 2008 in about 9:00 pm. I was given one since the previous owner decided to specialize in "Plakats." As to what is "Plakats," from what I understood they are the type of breed for fighting. They have short fins with bulky bodies. I'm no expert but that's that.

My 1st Betta Fish Was "BEEF" and his a Crowntail type. The next thing I received from the same previous owner was "CAKE" and his a Veiltail type. I have a new one from the same previous owner. I was a bit shocked when I heard him say "I'm disposing this." So I felt like adopting him. I named him "NIPS," a Plakat or what I first know as Shortfins type.

Some quick photos of "Cake" and "Beef."