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Aug 22, 2011

A2B Metro 2011

Ultramotor's A2B Metro model 2011 design made MORE sense. They added a dashboard where you can tell how much power you have, speed, distance and also where the KEY is LOCATED. Side mirror is nice. You can't really keep on looking back while focusing on the road. 2 LED lights which is important since there's this thing called night time. Not all places are lit. The Regenerative Braking system is uhm...a little help (I can't really tell since I haven't found a measurement as to how much power was recharged).

Speaking as an observer hopefully they could add some waterproof/covered plug like a USB for recharging your mobile phone or any other electronic devices. It would be nice to still stay connected w/o freaking out seeing that low battery icon. Please take in to note that not all people use an iPhone.

I've been wondering about this to all electric bikes. Is it possible for an electric bike to recharge while pedaling? Sure its electric but where did the power come from? To me, it's not really "eco-friendly" when it still is dependent on electricity from coal, gas/petrol or nuclear. I'm not an eco buff. It would be nice to have that power/effort from pedaling to be of use aside from getting a workout.