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Aug 23, 2011

Art Censorship?

"...Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up..." - V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

Story about Mideo Cruz's installation artwork "Poleteismo" and the reactions from the piece reminded me of the movie "V for Vendetta" written by Alan Moore.

"The Cultural Center of the Philippines held a forum on "Kulo" last Aug. 5, 2011. The art exhibit that features the controversial work of artist Mideo Cruz..."

I wasn't planning on commenting about the "controversy" of his artwork but I'm amazed as to how Filipinos are reacting to his piece. He got us Pinoys to think! "Poleteismo" served it's purpose despite the danger (getting threats). I'm really glad that Pinoys are having such an interesting dialogue especially the younger generation.

GMA7: Kontrobersyal na exhibit ni Mideo Cruz sa CCP, ipinasara (08/10/2011)

Apparently "some people" wanted to censor art because of this incident hence this post. I find such a call to be absolutely ridiculous. Why censor an idea/message? How about censoring half naked women and children (yes, even children) lewd dancing everyday on national television? HECK, take them out!

GMA7: Mga artist nagprotesta vs art censorship (08/21/2011)

Mr. Cruz's piece wouldn't be called art if he went to an actual church and vandalized the place but his artwork is in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. It's in an ART GALLERY. What do you expect?

What the hell happened to the "Filipino are the Boss" (echo-echo-echo...)? Looks to me the church still runs the Philippines.

(This is why you don't mess w/ Bieber fFans.)