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Oct 28, 2011

RE-Growing Secret Garden

Last time I mentioned that there were unwanted “guests.” We say unwanted because they don’t know how to respect our house nor the people WHO OWNS it.

Going back to a happy place specifically the garden that we used to call “The Secret Garden” is growing back. We named it after the movie "THE SECRET GARDEN" (1993) because when were in it, we're reminded of the setting. Not the same as before but you can clearly see it's growing but it would take long, AGAIN. I'm going to hang a sign that no one is allowed to cut it down.

I was ecstatic to see walls and soon to be ceiling will be covered to reveal again a sort of “Secret Garden.” It would not only add beauty but it would also be practical and useful. If you've been here in Davao lately walking or just being outside, you'll go crazy looking for shade. The city is buzzing w/ projects after projects but I'd like to see these new and upcoming projects to have loads of trees, plants, etc. like what they did in Abreeza and not the ones in Victoria and SM Ecoland where the trees are spread out (stingy too). It's ridiculously hot even w/ the shade!

I for one wasn't interested in plants before but I was really surprise to notice the difference how helpful and beneficial it is for walkers to be under a tree. My sister and I would stop at a house where they have this huge tree bending over the sidewalk. It's our salvation from the scorching heat. We can immediately tell the difference. When under it, it's breezy, cool and somehow feel energizing. When you step outside it, it's hell on concrete. It's the same w/ our “Secret Garden” (before it was hacked). White and purple flowers bloom, birds build their nests and you can hear actual chirping.

While being under the shade, cool and in a way, teleported to another world, I can hear CHAVA ALBERSTEIN's "Secret Garden" in my head.