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May 5, 2010

1st Taxicab Receipt In Davao

(Technically, this is my 2nd ride. My sibling took the 1st receipt. I took this one to blog about it.)

What's so interesting about this receipt?
It's interesting for me because I just learned that there's a taxicab in Davao that gives out receipts. To make it CLEAR, INSIST in getting 1 because they won't give it to you unless you asked for it according to the cab driver.

Typing about taxicabs, I have not wrote about my opinion about the city's decision phasing-out NON-AIR taxicabs. WHY?!! It's 1 of the reasons that I missed about Davao, our "NON-AIR" cabs.

I was told by my siblings about this particular old news when we took a non-air cab (this was years ago). I didn't know then because I lived in Makati. I was disappointed, frustrated and pissed because it was all because of 1 visiting foreigner. According to the relayed news, this particular foreigner rode a non-air cab and was disgusted about the experience.

My (late) reaction to that is, why take the non-air when clearly there's always another option by taking the air-condition cabs? I welcome foreigners visiting Davao. I have no problem with that and their negative opinions but to cause the eradication of non-air taxi cabs is unforgivable. I don't understand why a traveler who doesn't do some research or at least ask the locals. For example, if you live in Alaska or any cold climate place and want to visit a tropical country - why bring and wear your winter clothes in a warm country?

Our non-air cabs was not sophisticated but it was a BIG HELP to us locals and most especially for other travelers who are in a tight budget. I'd like to see that foreigner who cause such catastrophe to ride a jeepney in a rush with plenty of cargos most especially during rush hours.