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May 8, 2010

Herb Garden (May 8, 2010)

Tarragon is doing fine and I took some close-up shots.

Here's the "Mint" (still confused exactly what it is). Turns out, there was another pot of this kind. It was a small pot and I transferred it a bigger pot. Now they're happy siblings...I think.

Next we have the other Mint with the BELL PEPPER. It's a Bell Pepper and not a mutation.

I haven't posted our Thai Basil before. I've got something to write about these 2. The 1st picture where there are more of Thai Basil leaves almost didn't make. The ceramic pot was broken and the plant was set aside and ignored. This happened when the Mango tree was sawed down. I arrived late afternoon and was pissed because they just left it w/o a pot. So I hurried grabbing the plastic pot and moved it there. I was worried because the leaves weren't doing well. That was why I didn't post them. So now, I'm glad this Thai Basil survived.

The 2nd picture of Thai Basil where the plant is taller, was almost thrown away in-order to make room for other plants. I've checked its twig and it was still alive. I didn't listen to the command and this is not the only Thai Basil I've tried to salvage. There were others but unfortunately, no matter how much I tried hiding them - they were thrown out. It's really a shame.

I'm glad this one showed progress because if it didn't, it would have been thrown as well.

We have another Basil and this one is Sweet Basil. This plant was difficult to grow because some people kept harvesting it. It was always small but now, it has grown bigger. It also helps that I accidentally found a twig among the Mints. I thought, it was also a Mint and days later - Tada! It was a Sweet Basil.