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Apr 7, 2010

Something Odd About Our Mint Plant

For about a month now, I've been "taking care" of our herb pots. It's extremely risky to let a person who doesn't have a green-thumb care for these herbs or any plants (for ex. my Sunflowers).

Watering them inspired me because 1)they're already big (but were poorly cared for before I stepped-in) and 2)they're food.

There are still plants that I need to identify. I've named 3 but the 3rd one is confusing. It's safe to say that we've got "MINTS." I labeled 2 as "Peppermint" but I was told it's not. So I checked it on the internet and it confused me even more. Recently, it got me scratching my head. I'm already thinking it mutated to some chili mint. I'm not sure...If you know this oddity, please educate me.