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Apr 7, 2010

LEVERAGE is BACK! Season 2

"LEVERAGE" season 2 is NOW on AXN!!

I got curious about the show when it 1st showed Season 1 trailer on AXN. I saw 1 episode and got hooked. The show reminds me of the REAL "Mission Impossible"

(not the Tom Cruise version. Pls NO!) & Robin Hood. Aside from the action, drama, gadgets & tricks this show is hilarious. First impression I got when I saw their teaser was, serious. Tried watching "Numb3rs" for a few seconds and it fried my brain. Maybe I'll watch that show some other time but I recommend that you watch LEVERAGE.

In the trailer they have a new character, the actress from "SHARK" (also a good show that I watch) who I thought was an addition in the group but I saw some later episodes & Sophie (the British/actress character) wasn't there. Hopefully she stays in the show...I think the 5 characters from "LEVERAGE" is cool & funny. If Tom Cruise is planning another "Mission Impossible" movie (god forbid) he should hire writers in the show the "LEVERAGE."

I look forward when Parker (thief) and Alec (hacker) are in the scene 'coz these 2 are hilarious, men. Anyways, I'm boring you. Here are some vids:

» Parker (thief) Best Moments Season 1


"AGE OF THE GEEK" - Hardison (hacker)