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Jan 14, 2007

In Memory Of Lee

A former classmate of mine died last week, around 11pm January 11 of a gunshot to the chest. It is unbelievable & a shock to me.

Farewell My Snap-Friend
by: "classmate"

Shocked I was when I heard the news
Even more when I learned of how you pass
It’s tragic because you’re still young
And just turned 26 last month
So sad, a person always on the move
Who I did not know well is gone
How I wish he could stay still for a moment
And know him well enough
To say goodbye dear friend
You’ll stay in my heart & be missed
But you love nature so much
That you want to visit every scape
Your passion is evident in every picture
Which is open to all at a button
Such memories will be cherished
Such passion will be missed
I had so much to say and probably confess
I plan to treat you a Happy Meal
And give you a token of gratitude
Too late now for you’re with familiar faces
You might feel a bit weird
Since you see them among the living
Now you’re one of them
Which probably makes it comfortable
It is a lose but somehow I feel
You’re in a safe place
Being dazzled by the experience
I bet you wish you have a camera
Don’t worry, it’s best you show us
When our time will come
When I do, don’t startle me
Just a hello will get my attention
Hopefully we’ll both fly around
Instead of running to keep-up with you
I can only say, I am thankful
That we have met, Leandro

(Rest In Peace: Lee Bernardo 1980-2007)