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Jan 1, 2007

WELCOME 2007!!!

I know that this picture doesn't look exciting considering it's in Makati City but I got greedy and my shots were all blurry except for this. It's tada, miniture only. Fireworks were all around AT THE SAME TIME. Couldn't concentrate and stand still to take 1 focused shot but I ended up with this itsy bit.

I love LOVE Don Bosco church in Pasong Tamo. It's not because I'm a religious person. Oh no. It's a church with many AIR CONDITIONERS around, not 1 but probably more than 10 AC!! Whoa! It's like an office building. You can ABSOLUTELY reflect (or sleep) there. Talk about big spenders, ey.

Lastly and this cracks me up but is it just me or is that huge "sculpture" focal piece (huge gold leaf like) a marijuana? I'm just asking because they almost ALMOST look the same. Ask Google (I DO NOT advocate Drug Abuse. This is just for laughs.)