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Jan 25, 2012

Stamp Collectors & PhilPost Stamp Exhibition

Most kids nowadays probably don't know what these are because of emails, text messaging, etc. It is impossible to compete w/ technology when it comes to speed and accuracy. However, I wouldn't want PhilPost to close even though there are a lot issues in regards to time of delivery and trust. This is also true in other countries so this isn't just happening here.

Hopefully snail-mails are here to stay despite numerous flaw. What's the good thing about them? Well, it's cheap. You get to do something creative about your mail. You'll receive stamps and there's always some special energy receiving a hand written letter from a love one or from a friend (except for spam, chain-letters and other "stressing" mails). It's probably just me who feels that way.

I prefer the ones drawn or painted than the photographs. I don't know why there's a demand for political (Phil.) stamps. I guess other nations want them more than us. I don't think Japanese stamps should be called "...USO (means TRENDY) noong Japanese occupation..." since we were invaded and all horrors of war (tortured, raped, massacred, etc.) were forced on this country. Calling it "...trendy during Jap. occupation..." sounds tacky and it brought a cold cruel chill down my spine. The London stamps are fancy as usual. None stamp collectors would want those too :D.

The most sought after Phil. stamp according to this news. They could have get rid of the background & labels. It's distracting.

PhilPost Stamp Gallery