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Jan 21, 2012

85scampi Antique Vinyl Collection

"The Sunshine of Marseilles" Ray Starita & His Ambassadors Band
Vocal Refarin by Lou Abelardo
Recorded - Monday, February 24th 1930

YouTube channel "85scampi" beautiful antique and amazing music treasure. (Videos are in no particular order. There's so many.)

"On The Beach At Waika Kiki Blues" Jack Hylton & His Orchestra
Recorded Small Queens Hall,London, January 25th 1927

"What Have We Got To Lose?" (Hi-Ho Lack -A- Day)
Syd Baxter & His Orchestra 1933

"Tell Tales" Sydney Kyte & His Piccadilly Hotel Band
Vocal refrain by the Three Ginx
Recorded, London, Wednesday, March 2nd 1932

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