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Dec 7, 2011

Zia Quizon - OPM Recommendation

I can't find a proper video of "Simple Girl" by Zia Quizon. We're not sure if she wrote this herself but if she did, wow.

I normally don't want to listen to songs sang by "singers" who are famous due to their celebrity background especially when her father is "Dolphy" (the king of comedy in the Philippines). I'm not even a fan of her mother (no offense). In Zia's case, I'll make an exemption because of her voice. She's genuinely talented, IF indeed she wrote some of the songs herself. I 1st heard her on the radio and I thought that I was listening to a foreign singer. I would not think that the song is local most especially when it's Jazz. Mainstream Pinoys doesn't seem inclined to Jazz music (for me, it's heart breaking).

As a performer, not really good. She looks uncomfortable on stage. Perhaps a condition we all dread - stage fright but amazingly, her voice stays intact assuming that she's not lip singing.

I love her voice. It would be a crime to put that to a "pa-cute" surrounding. Throw her w/ Mr. Cayabyab and I'm excited to see the outcome of their Musical Force together.

When I saw this music video, it made me say "nagpa-girl pala si Vandolph?"

This song sounds better w/ Zia's voice (no offense to Kayla fans). Now, if we can only replace Jay-R w/ Luke Mijares or Jay Durias, "Back In Time" will sound better.