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Sep 14, 2011

Spoken Word Poet - Beau Sia



(Beau Sia being Interviewed about "Hip Hop")




"...was born in Ohio. Raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Sia discovered spoken word poetry on MTV as a teenager. When not participating in his high school's swim team, he spent time at Oklahoma City's only open mike night.

In 1995, Sia moved to New York City, where he attended the New York University's Tisch School of the Arts dramatic writing program. He has said that moving to New York made him conscious of his identity as an Asian American, something that he denied often in Oklahoma City. His cultural identity became a common theme in his poems...."
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Men, if poems were delivered this way in school, I probably would have stayed awake and be interested in listening. I don't know the deal with his pink shirt and sweater. Maybe he likes pink, I don't know.