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Sep 10, 2011


I have been craving for Rum Cakes for weeks and BEHOLD, mini rum cakes.

I intended to only eat 1 but I had to take another since I realized later on that almost all of my shots were blurry. Glad I wasn't the designated driver at that time. Hiccup.

There are more other hearty delectable delights my sisters made.

(Rum Mini Cakes. WooHOO!)

(Marshmallow Lemon Cupcakes)

These cupcakes were so adorable. It reminded me of "Marshmallow Man", in pink! Yum. Yum.

(THE *Truffle*)

This Chocolate tiny bits packs a PUNCH in your taste buds especially if you're a chocoholic and you can have more than 1. WooHOO! SUGAAAAARRRRR!!!

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I took a lot of pics during this event but like I said, they turn out to be blurry. Samsung's camera phone is not so reliable.

The special occasion was FINANCENTER's new office location w/c still is located at Monteverde St., Davao City. It's now across Magsaysay Fire Station (Alvarez St.) and near Sta. Wharf.