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Sep 15, 2011

More Nongshim Noodles

Potato Pork Ramyun                                  Clay Pot Ramyun

For those who like to eat noodles but don't want it spicy, I found THESE - POTATO PORK RAMYUN and CLAY POT RAMYUN from Nongshim. I prefer the Clay Pot Ramyun. I'm guessing that the word "Ramyun" is ramen, right?

I found them at Robinson Cybergate, D.C. and I'm beginning to see a lot of the Nongshim noodle products in our local groceries. That's probably because more Koreans are coming over here in Davao. I can't say for sure since I don't have the data (2/9/2012 article) to prove that claim but I'm loving that they're bringing with them more of their NOODLES.

Halata 'di marunong magluto

I'm a little bit worried about these 2 'coz I can't find them in their website. Hopefully they are not recalled products that were dump here (again) because they're just Php 25.00 each and the fonts on the package looks Japanese.

Other than these questions, they're delicious and so far I haven't eaten any of their noodles to have an after taste.

How do you cook your ramen? Similar to Ted's and look, Ted gave me $20. Watch video to see what I mean.

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