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Jul 4, 2011

Spicey Korean Noodles

I have been obssessing with Korean Noodles, again.

Before, I don't like spicey food simply b'coz they burn and painful. Ever since eating Bi Bim Pop w/o the influence of the K-Soap craze, I was really suprised that it was delicious. I was also introduced to other Korean food but I have forgotten their names. I call them "Korean Pancakes" and "Korean Pancit" (ask Google for specifics). Bi Bim Pop got stuck in my memory because I was suprised of the taste and I'm willing to bear the burning sensation from the chili (the other food that could only do that was KFC). The name sounds silly but its kind of cute. At 1st I thought it was a pop culture thing like Häagen-Dazs of some sort but suprisingly, it wasn't.

So NOODLES!! (Focusing on Korean Noodles ONLY) I can't read Korean and luckily we have pictures to aid us illiterates. SHIN RAMYUN (refer to pic) a product of Nongshim is the Korean noodles that I recommend. There are other flavors (or whatever you call them) and I tried some but Shin Ramyun is by far the best and is available at our local groceries except convenient stores. I gathered my courage to have a taste of this another spicey food and my only motivation was the quantity of noodles inside 1 package (hey, I never said I was a connoisseur). I have enjoyed eating Shin Ramyun numerous times that I have developed a wee bit tolerance of its spiciness but my side effect still remains. I'm wishing that eating spicey food could somehow burn the extra weight...

Anyways, I suggest not getting the cups just because its smaller and if you're like me who prefers plenty.

English INSTRUCTIONS and pictures:

We didn't know how to prepare them since the instructions at the back of its package were Korean. We operate in a rule "if it's too spicey, add more water."

(I didn't know that we can add sausage...)

Other Korean noodles that are also tasty (I don't know their names).