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Sep 6, 2011

For Sale Philippine Culture

Historians and Cultural Heritage advocates, enthusiasts and people who want to know about their history are in. It’s unfortunate but what can anybody do? What is done is done. Can the government at LEAST provide a marker with description where it was originally? If some private citizen will put up, it would be something like this “You Suck! This government can’t protect Filipino heritage...”

The new owner of the ancestral house hopefully (I doubt it) will give us access to visit his collection for free.

This is not only the heritage that is being demolished and more and more are being destroyed. Carlos Celdran is only 1 person and his already busy at is. So, what can we do to preserve them?


Actually, it was sold decades ago. I'm wondering if we can still call this country a "Republic" (it's not the same as Banana Republic or is it) 'coz it appears, we're being bred for slavery? No wonder some groups don't want population control. It's big business.