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Jul 9, 2011

The Greatest Movie Ever Sold by Morgan Spurlock

A new docu-film by Morgan Spurlock on advertising/movie making. He is famously known for his work on docu-film "SUPERSIZE ME" which is also a must see film.

("The Greatest Movie Ever SOLD" trailer)

They're a lot of "reality" shows out there and I know that you've come to love or obsess about. As much as I would like to comment on what I think about these "reality" show mania, I'll keep this short and focus on Morgan Spurlock's new film.

This subject about advertising in films/TV was brought numerous times before but as usual, people don't see this unusual or frankly speaking - "I don't care" mentality.

Who am I to put this subject forth when I myself is part of the masses being brainwashed each and every waking moments? Luckily "The Greatest Movie Ever SOLD" by Morgan Spurlock shows us the "artistic" (sarcasm) process of movie making (well, it's more of an "in-your-face" showing us).