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May 10, 2011

Skip Beat

Generous - "Renaissance"
I keep stumbling on the anime "Skip Beat" which was highly praised from what I read. I was disappointed when I started watching it because it bore me to sleep.Later on though, I heard it's opening (2nd) and I got hooked on the music. I thought damn, Kyoko must be talented after all.

I watched it again and used the all convenient "fast forward." If I watch the whole thing, it will put me to sleep again. I actually enjoyed the anime MINUS some parts and especially the ending but the only soundtrack I like is the "Renaissance" by The Generous (2nd opening). I like the characters of Tsuruga's Manager, Sawara - Head of the Talent Section, the adorable Chicken and The Very Colorful President of L.M.E. LORY TAKARADA*. TADA!! (I got to be flashy when his being presented or mentioned :D).

(This is President Lory Takarada* Grand Entrance and 1st appearance. TADA!! He reminds me of the Chairman from Iron Chef Japan.)

There are some parts of it that I find boring and slothness development between Kyoko and Ren is a bummer. I can relate to Yashiro's (Tsuruga's Manager) pain about getting the 2 together. I think because I was expecting it to be like Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama where I can laugh about something every episode. Here I was thinking that Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama was heavy on the drama (since I also compared it to Special A). What got me laughing so hard is the part starting from Episode 17 - 20 where Kyoko and Sho meet face to face and shockingly work together with multiple atempts of homicide.

Skip Beat feels like a soap opera where the story seemed too prolonged and I was irritated with the ending. That's why fans are violently demanding for 2nd season. However I'm curious as to how Kyoko will get her revenge (I sound so bitter and possible candidate for "Love Me Section" hehehe). This anime is more of a drama and secondly a comedy (I think). Do I recommend watching it? Hmm, no and yes (lol!).

I wasn't prepared of the drama of this story that's why I lost interest immediately. If your into drama and soaps, this might be your cup of tea since it's got VENGEANCE in the formula. There's NO gun shots, NO M16s, NO Uzis, NO kidnapping, NO almost naked babes opposite wrinkly way-too-over age "hero," NO car chase accident in the middle of an empty VERY wide spacious open road, NO slapstick cliches, NO brainless villainous minions who easily throw themselves at the hero (zombies looks sophisticated next to them since zombies are effective of scaring the shit out of you) and NO late arrival of Police where there's no practical use of them being there anymore. So far, I haven't seen such a template in the story of Skip Beat. There's only voodoos and dark auras that being shown in the anime. I don't mind it ^_^. If you find that wierd, then your a newbie. Be warned of episode 25 'coz it will irritate you at the end. Even reading the manga didn't calm my irritation.

Enjoy watching Skip Beat, if you can.