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Apr 30, 2011

Default Place @ DD

This is MY SPOT (the table with the pink lunch box) @ Dunkin Donuts, SM City Davao, Ecoland. My niece owns that pink Disney Lunch Box, I swear to God.

You might find it silly but whenever I go to SM especially when I'm waiting or resting, I'd go to my default spot. There's not much people there, they've got their own toilet, tasty pastries and great coffee. Well, particularly the no crowd, a nearby toilet (NEW FEATURE), great coffee and full blast of cool chilling wind in front of me. WooHOOO!

I thought I was the only who liked Dunkin's Donuts coffee since people are crazy about the popular ones. Paula Abdul loves DD's coffee too. Saw her sipping from DD's tall cups. I didn't even know DD tall cups exist. I asked the stores here if they sell their ground coffee in packs. You can't buy them locally but you can purchase them online. SWEET!