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Oct 6, 2010

Gold at $ 1,300!! Going Up & UP!!

Gold and Silver is EVIDENTLY on the rise because people are losing faith and confidence in fiat money otherwise known as "monopoly money" (money from a popular board game).

All this printing of more money is not going to stimulate the economy. In FACT it will do the opposite and disastrously. History has shown over and over that when society abandons the Gold Standard, the effects is catastrophic. Example of this is the Roman Empire where this Powerful Society fell apart because of their monetary system. They started out having Gold and Silver as money and slowly turning away from it and eventually abandoning it (sounds familiar?). History keeps repeating itself because we don't learn.

This point of our time however is different. We have this short amount of time to get our hands on Physical Gold and Silver to prepare in the fall of the fiat money or currency and the RE-emergence of the Natural and TRUE money which is Gold and Silver. Get them at Starting from $25, anyone regardless of their status and background can get them. See YOUnique's Nest Egg Plan for everyone.