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Sep 18, 2010

Private v.s. Government Gold

Can The Government Counterfeit Gold?

Man, I can only imagine what the people who bought these "rusty Gold" coins trying to sell them back to the ones "who minted" these fakes. This is one of the reasons why banks hate Gold because they can't do FRACTIONAL RESERVE LENDING. It clearly shows here that they did and wouldn't admit to their faults (or crimes).

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17) What is the difference between YOUnique™ Privately issued...Gold/Silver...compared to Government issued legal tender Gold/Silver coins?

Government issued coins such as the American Silver or Gold Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf or other Government issued coins are the property of the issuing Government of that Country.
People of a nation are the legal ‘BEARER’
(you don't own it) of the currency not the legal owner.
It is the Government of the issuing Country that owns the issued legal tender coins.
Why is this of importance?

For thousands of
years Gold has proven itself to be the ultimate in Wealth Preservation...
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