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Oct 15, 2009

Some Bloopers From Burn Notice

(WARNING: Not for Kids)

I started watching this show when I accidentally stumbled on their season 1 marathon.

A scene from episode 1. Where his at a motel. Where a lot of drunk college students are having a party,

"...'spring break' I think is what they call it..."

So in order for him to tell who's the spy in the crowd, he needs to watch for the individuals who's walking straight. It make sense. The dialogue in the show is hilarious! Since then, I got hooked.

I've been trying to get my family to watch it with me but I don't know what's their real reason for not joining. I even tried dragging my brother to a TV so he could watch the season 2 marathon. Sigh, still no use...

Anyways, to lighten up the mood again. Since it's difficult to get some clips (just 1 episode will be a big help somehow), I found this bloopers.