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Sep 24, 2009

I Miss Goldie Chicken

I just had my blood extracted for test from a hospital nearby. Hungry and realizing that Goldie is just nearby, I decided to eat there. It's my favorite fried chicken growing up and before the famous chicken from "Kentucky." I don't know how long it has been...6 years?

When I went in the commercial bldg, I saw a Tattoo Shop.

Just a few more steps and I'll eat (I'm hungry right now :P).

It still is delicious and they still have that juice w/ jello. Though the cup is a little smaller but it still is delicious. I forgotten how to order, thinking it's a fast food but NO. I waited for 15 mins - it's okay (^_^). My bad.

Note: call up and order ahead of time.

When I got my food (Php 45.00 + 18.00). It still is delicious. I envied the next customer because of his order - a plate full of fried chicken...hmm. I got the breast (of the chicken) and it's not my favorite cut but enjoyed it anyways.

Alas I had to hurry eating because I was being called up by my sister. I'm thinking of eating what the next customer ordered the next time I visit.