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Mar 19, 2009

What's On My Shirt? Silly

I was frantic looking for some references about tattoos specifically Polynesian, Maori, anything that looks like to this cultures designs and including Philippines.

I have no idea about it!! Well, I used to draw triangles, dots and stripes but I don't think it was a tattoo design at all. The only thing that I know about tattoos is from Miami Ink or some other tv shows that's covering that and the Tattoo shop in a Mall.

I did not sleep, drank coffee like it was water, hours of painfully staring at the monitor, family misconceptions and my hand was going numb. I did this considering I have an uncontrollable shaking hands from my illness. Thank God for Photoshop.

After it was done and I could sleep comfortably, "Silver Surfer" told me that I was wearing a tattoo designed shirt. I looked at it and thought, well I'll be...All that panic mode and I was wearing what I was looking for - "under my nose." Silly me.

This is only the design that I can show you from that experience. This design is a Koru, it something to do with life and new beginning if my memory serves me correctly. This design wasn't sold because I made a mistake hehehe. Before giving it away, I realize I misunderstood something because I tried a speedy method that I heard and It cause me a lot of time instead. Like Jonathan Antin said "ACCURACY IS SPEED" and not the other way around.

I have many favorites in my Tattoo design but I can't show it. I would love to but can't. It's strange because usually, I'm never satisfied with my artworks...I guess, it's because an inspiration of "2."