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Mar 19, 2009

My Name is Chichiri

I was researching about this anime that I just discovered called “The Mythical Detective Loki.” So far, it’s okay. Just that I couldn’t find the english version and instead stumbled on “Fushigi Yuugi.” Ah, I remember going nuts about this show and so was my classmates back in college to the point we assigned the characters that are somewhat similar to us (otakus :P). They gave me “Chichiri” because of his eyes and sort of his hair. I thought it was ridiculous but accepted it. I thought his cool and funny as well.

The further I watch the series and having seen more of “Chichiri” I said to myself, we have a lot in common after all. He wears a smiling mask but underneath it, is a very deep scar. Because of his sinful past, he decided to be a monk. TADA!!! (If you're still mystified, go watch it but I'm not fond of F.Y. part 2.)

“Nuriko” is HILARIOUS that’s the reason why I got hooked because of her. You'll adore her if you keep watching the show (only the parts where she appears).

(Here's a clear one of this clip.)