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Oct 31, 2008


(I got to do this quick coz I'm very busy and still living in a cave working even if it's a holiday).

Finally, I manage to do this. My siblings have been telling me to put this up in my blog and I keep forgetting it.
I personally wanted to do it because our family have been a fan of this Bakeshop ever since they were in this small bakeshop in Butuan City. We were ecstatic to hear & even more to see that it's actually here in Davao City. The down side to it is it's far from our home but I guess it's located there for a reason ;). Nevertheless, it's here. We don't have to wait if someone will go or even pass by Butuan and ask them to buy us their pastries for us.

The time is perfect! It's a special day to someone I love (but we're having a bit of an argument). We bought the famous, favorite and love COOKIE MONSTER (it's basically a chocolate cake, DELICIOUS!!)!!! Well, the plan was to buy the cake and get out. Sigh, we couldn't resist and bought some more. It started out as a few tasty bites & we ended up buying plenty. We forgot to take pictures at the end because obviously, we were busy (yummy).

Another thing that made it possible its because I manage to remember to bring the camera. What a miracle!! AND, SILVER SURFER came with me & like I said PERFECT. I unconsciously brought a Photographer (I'm lousy at photography).

I would write about it more but I need to back to work (yes, I know it's the holidays. Tell that to my boss). Hopefully, the pictures can speak for itself and try their MINI Cakes.

dr 3 Jatel Building, Tulip Drive,
, Davao City
Tel: 63 82 302 6036
(they're just beside SM City Davao)

Btw, they didn't pay me or in any way for this promotion. We love them. We're long time fans. okay gtg. by(t)e.

They're Heeere
Margie's Davao City branch
Confused Tindera???
Yes, I'd like to have them all please (damn it, i fell asleep again). I mean, just the Cookie Monster please. Thank you...And I'd like to try that one also....And this one....And this one is for Norin....Is this new? Also that please...etc.
Happy To Be Here!!!
Check Out The Design
I love their lights. Awesome.
Ate Nins, you might want to try that frame, you know.
Tindera Busy Computing:
...What can I say? She's busy...I think she's going to be angry when I say, we'd also like to have the Glazed Brownies as well...hmmm....Maybe I'll wait 'til she sort out our bill...
Wall Menu
little devils
tsk tsk tsk i thought they were harmless.
It's Talking!!!!
"eat me"
One Delighted Costumer (/fan)