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Jun 6, 2008

Ms. Aphrodite Comment!

I’ve received an email last May 18, 2005 (I’ve forgetten about this). My previous hotmail account closed since I didn’t opened it much since people here commonly use Yahoo. I posted this here to inflate my ego inspire me that some people appreciate my works. I usually get criticism being called “not talented”, etc. and don't provide solutions or suggestions on what I need to correct. Hmm...The reason that kept me going and stayed in the arts because it made me a better person. It's in my nature and people see me wierd to w/c I reply in my head "you don't make sense." So to you all haters, butt off!

To those who appreciate my art, thank you & God Bless. Ms. Aphrodite found my works through

Audrey D
Wednesday, May 18, 2005 8:33 AM
from a design student in Sydney


good day! im a 3rd year bachelor design (visual communication) student from the university of western sydney, australia and i was doing a research on a design project and i came across your name and your works. i really admire your illustrations (your paintings are superb!) and so original. i am an illustration major and i find your style really interesting and impressive. yeah i just wanna say congratulations to all your achievements and good on you. my name is aphrodite by the way and i was born in manila, philippines.

thank you for taking time to read my email.

god bless