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Feb 2, 2008


It has been months since my last entry (sounds like I'm confessing to a priest). The videos didn’t count. I am here now, back in Davao and left my blogs since my readers are w/ me. Then my sisters asked if have I been updating my blog. I replied that I think it’s useless writing because we are together again. So I asked myself, should I continue writing my blogs & my mind immediately said yes. Didn't even wait for me finishing the question.

So who are my readers now? Me? The point is I should continue writing even if there’s no one there reading. Hopefully my siblings could visit here once in a while.

I have to apologize that I can’t be here most of the time and to my other “friends network” as well but I will try to put something here.

So, To Write it is.
- end-

(Seth Godin & Tom Peters on blogging)

[Sept. 1, 2011]This is an update to this post (I've upgraded this blog and it has been a tedious process since I'm not a programmer). I was going to delete this post until I stumbled upon this video.

What I've learned about blogging so far even though it started w/ my siblings? Certainly the "courage" (if you will) to write about what I think. I didn't understand then but I was inviting friends to blog as well but they reacted horrified to my suggestion. Saying that "I'm not good with grammar and such." I'm not either especially when most of the time, I type my posts half asleep. And I learned some little programming too. I also notice that I can write a lot. I learned about it when I visited my early posts to w/c my eyes screamed just looking at it (this post is also getting long). There are more but these are the main things I've learned about blogging. You can wake up now.