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Sep 11, 2005

Jake Long VS Juniper Lee

The “American Dragon” (Disney) was seen 1st to air before “THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUNIPER LEE” (Cartoon Network) on TV. Both story is set in New York, both have a talking dog who also acts as their guide and teacher, both have a sibling who also have undevelop powers, both deals w/ magical creatures, both are keepers of 2 dimensions,
both inherited their powers, both have the same initials (J.L.) and both main characters are Asian. There are few differences between them such as shape-shifting abilities, extra sidekicks, love interest and gender. I'm starting to think that both stories were from the same writer.

I've seen both animation and I prefer “The Life and Times of JUNIPER LEE” (Cartoon Network) not because of the character's gender but the kooky story and most especially the characters seems naturally funny. I prefer the drawing style too – detailed and colorful. Soundtrack is also nice. It blended well w/ the toon. Jake's (Disney) seems to be forcing humor to it's audience and feels kinda stiff. Somehow the writer was restricted since he/she didn't really explore the story and characters or probably the writer doesn't have the time and just wrote whatever came out from his/her head...
Anyways, I laughed at the 1st episode and got hooked. Love the dialogue, the action, the magic juxtapose to their ordinary life, etc. It's a well thought-out play and not plain.