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Aug 15, 2005

Highly Recommended Fresh Pinoy Music

For our siblings on the other side of the globe. We, your sisters left here recommend the following Pinoy Musicians:

"Song 9" by DRIP (band)

Their “SONG 9” reminded me of Groove Theory, Portishead and Moloko. When I saw their music video, I thought they were Malaysian since I haven't heard nor seen a Pinoy musician w/ that style but ho HO! I was surprise to see their Lola cooking ADOBO! WAHAHAHA PINOY TO! It's about time. I'm glad the local music industry is recognizing other varieties.

"Maybe" by UP DHARMA DOWN (band)

Also like Drip. I have only seen clips of “MAYBE” and not the whole video. I like their m. video too. Btw, it's not read as “U.P.” Dharma Down, it's read “Up” Dharma Down. A lot of people thought it's read U.P.

"Where Do We Begin" by MISHKAH ADAMS

Manang Odette will love this since it's Jazz. I thought that she was from Mindanao due to her clothing style (reminded me of Aldevinco shopping building) and her accent sounded familiar. She's not actually but a half Briton. I like her music but not the video 'coz it looks boring. Then again I'm more into effects and animation. So I'm bias.

I've only heard her “ONE HUNDRED EIGHT EYES” and it sound similar to Alanis Morisette and Tori Amos. All in all her music sounds nice.

"Abot Kamay" by ORANGE & LEMONS (band)

I don't know why they called themselves “Orange & Lemons” especially to a band of men. Anyways, the style of music they play are nostalgic 'coz sounded like music in the 60's, 70's and probably even older. You probably don't like them but I do and since I'm the author, I'm posting it. So far, I haven't heard them shouting and violently playing their instruments. Therefore it's safe for your ears.