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Jul 26, 2012

Centurions & Visionary Knights of M. Light

August is right around the corner and so is the premier for "Bourne Legacy" but it's not the topic for this entry (although it's somehow related). There have been several movies shown that were based on comicbooks, books, anime and 80's toons and most of them aren't good. In fact, they're terrible and everytime Hollywood releases 1, it makes me worried especially the ones that I've grown to love. Like in the case of the "Last Air Bender" movie where I was horrified, turned white and then turned red because I was furious! It made me say, "I can write a good script than that" but of course it would still come out wrong.

Moving on. My brother and I discussed on what past cartoons we would like to see turned into a live movie. I'd like to see 2 and 1 of them we adamantly wanted to see it made since of course we're fans of the show.

In terms of action, props, costumes and effects this wouldn't be a problem to make. Please, please, please hire a damn good script writer.

If certain production/studio companies continue to make crappy adaptations, THEY MUST NOT ABSOLUTELY TOUCH THIS 1.

We love this show. I used my brother's GI Joe toy figures to make my home made Knights and ballpen ink sticks for their staff. I had fun making my knights and did not take into consideration what my brother would feel when he sees that I messed up his toy Joes. That's how I engrossed I was. He did get a little angry about it but then he didn't took off the animal plates I drew and taped on their chest. He went crazy w/the totem staff I made though 'coz he supplied me w/ more ballpen ink sticks so I could make more. I didn't tell him to get it so it's not my fault if there were many empty ballpens at that time. He only had a few Joes turned Visionary Knights and as a result each carried more than 2 staff. Well, we weren't far off from the story since opposing knights would steal other knights staff.

If movie makers can't pull it off, they better not touch it. Hmm...I wonder if they're other fans of the show who made their own YouTube video of it...;-).