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May 7, 2012

Booze to Babies

I had a similar observation at a 24 hr convenient store. You can check this out for yourself to see what I mean. It's at the Cenral Convenient store near STI computer school at the intersection of Claveria st. and Uyanguren st., Davao. Just to clarify, I'm not “targeting” anyone or establishments. It's just an observation.

I told this to my brother whose school is also nearby and he just brushed it of saying I was exaggerating. I even told him to check it out for himself but his too lazy to go. Now, thanks to “Fluffy” you'll have some perspective about this and I'm not kidding alright.

Just for the record, I stopped over at that store because they sell my favourite local product peanut brittle and I'll be munching it while I wait for the jeepney outside. I don't got there because of an “emergency scare,” at least not yet anyways.

This store is small and cramped. As soon as you open the door, you'll see the cashier counter on the left side and on the right is boxes and boxes of booze piled up in random order. It is as if they'll be sold out immediately so why bother shelving them neatly. This store had more liquor than juice, sodas, dairy and iced tea combined. I'm not complaining and I've been in that store many times before. I just want to bring this particular area to the spotlight because I found it humurous. Above this liquor products is a shelf full of baby diapers and next to it are baby milk formulas. Get it?

I found this hilarious. I was thinking then that people nearby the store really love to drink exessively to the point of getting pregnant hence the diapers and milk formulas. If you'd notice the juxtopose of this wall that exessive booze leads to babies, you'd probably think twice and just maybe drink in moderation (yeah right). Because the store is so small and cramp, you wouldn't notice it especially when you're greeted w/ boxes and boxes of booze. You wouldn't bother to look up.

I wanted to take a picture of it but security is just next to me. That's how near it is to the door.