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Apr 8, 2012

Gates Of Hell On Earth

There it is, the "Gates of Hell" opens for 2012!! Okay. Okay, I'll cut this dramatics since it will 'cause a lot of confusion.

This is a gas crater at Darvaza, Turkmenistan and it's been burning for around or over 40 years just to clarify that that it didn't suddenly appear. The hole was caused by a drilling accident causing natural poisonous gas to flow out. To remedy this, they set it on fire to burn the toxic fumes. They thought that the fire would die out for some weeks or days but as you can see, it is still burning.

Superstitious people would usually call an army of exorcist at the sight of this and be feared by mortals (they see devil. I see energy resource). On the contrary, it's a popular tourist destination and you got to admit, it's an awesome story to tell among friends especially on show-&-tell.

Generic Student: "Mom & Dad brought me near to the gates of hell & swore to them on that day that I'll diligently do my homework & finish eating my vegetables. Here's a picture of the devil's gate behind us & oh, that's not photoshoped."

According to locals & tourists who visited that the fiery pit looks beautiful at night. Now, how will "Heaven" top this 1?