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Feb 25, 2012

Saint Oniisan (Saint Young Men)

and w/ NO HUMOR -

This manga is ridiculously HILARIOUS! How indeed will these 2 heavenly leaders live among us? And before going any further, people, it's just fiction. Don't be offended and if you are, stop reading and leave. Reading after this point will probably 'cause you speaking in tongue & spewing green goo w/c you wish it's only digested green peas.

Going back, if you think they'll start performing miracles and awakening new believers, think again. “They came down on earth” for a vacation and to experience their otaku-ness! It's funny to see them to be fanatics on Japanese culture, food, lifestyle, computers, mangas, how they pay rent, getting excited on a TV series, clothing, everyday food, bills and everything that is mundane to us.

Buddha being the serious, frugal and careful spender while Jesus is more free spirited thus their conflicted personalities between brothers and as roommates. Not because of their different religious beliefs. It seems to me that Jesus is more into their mortal vacation to the point of crossing over other religion aside from Buddhism just so they can mingle. Where Buddha is consevative about it and cautious when interacting especially w/ their secret identities. But loses his seriousness when it comes to mangas and video games. While Jesus has taken a liking to his new found fame as a blogger and a look alike Johnny Depp.

Personally this manga isn't disrespecting Christianity/Catholicism. I'm not sure on Buddhism though since I don't know any Buddhist. Let me know if you're offended about this manga.

Saint Young Men (Saint Oniisan) is famous in Japan and some other countries. It seems to me that the mangaka Nakamura Hikaru is cautious on where she distribute this. I understand her precaution considering what happened to author Salman Rushdie.

Anyways back to the light-er side, I definitely recommend this if your not too conservative about it. To me, it's more about a story between brothers/roommates w/ extra-ordinary background.