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Nov 17, 2011

Film Riot "F Fiesta" Funny Jingle

Someone opened up a topic w/ me about Ford Fiesta and how it was cool, looking like a sports car. Later on he mentioned that it's “ideal for women.” Probably because I showed no interest about the subject especially as soon the word “sports” was said. He went on about the car but the name “Ford Fiesta” kept ringing in my head and wondered why it was familiar. I have no idea what this car looks like. The image that was described to me made me think that it looks like the new Mitshubishi Lancer.

So I asked Google and laughed when I saw the pic. No wonder it was ringing in my head. I've already seen it before. I saw it in Film Riot. It was stuck in my head because of their jingle, their dance moves and the skit was (and still) funny.

“You're so pimping. You're so sexy. You're so pimping. It's the car. [...] Here's the thing about your car. It's so safe. So much safety. 7 airbags, 1 2 3 4 5 6 syete. [...] BMW only has 3. It's pathetic...”