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Oct 17, 2011

Free 101 Rugby?!!

Wish I could go and join...sort of. Rugby isn't that known here and w/c is perfect for me 'coz there will be just a few witnesses to see my embarrassing blunders and besides, it's 101. I was told to join in a sport not because to become athletic but to get me physically active. What I had in mind when I was told to join a sport was the "online gaming sport." :b

I have been a fan of the "All Blacks" BUT only to see them perform the HAKA so, it doesn't really count. Right? After that, I'll go change the channel. Rugby is quite confusing 'coz they pass their ball backwards. Then again, who am I to argue since I'm no expert when it comes to this.

Guess I'll try the Ultimate Frisbee w/c is impossible to see and catch like golf balls.