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Sep 23, 2011

Abreeza Roof Holes

My mother and I were stranded at the White Hat because of the heavy rain. May I say, that their "98% fat free" plain yogurt is delicious. It’s not too "crystallize" but I doubt if it’s really fat free. I landed there because my feet were killing me and there’s no Dunkin Donuts in Abreeza. We were suppose to meet up with our guests but decided to wait for the rain to calm down. While we were waiting, we saw their ceiling was leaking as if the place installed a waterfall feature to their door and a team of either engineers or Abreeza personnel examining the damages or faulty construction.

Afterwards, Nanay wants to quickly stop by at Bread Talk and I was a little excited to see it. I was disappointed when we arrived ‘coz there wasn’t much bread on display to choose from. While I was giving myself a tour of the place, I was shocked in terror to see 1 of the staff handling the bread with her bare hands near the oven. I even double checked and squinted a few times if my eyes were deceiving me. I fumbled for my phone in disbelief but I was still determined to take a picture of what I was witnessing. When I was about to take her photo, I noticed a pile of soggy bread on the side and took that shot instead. I realized and just notice that the place was a disaster. It was flooded. I was too focused on their bread and I didn’t see their troubles rushing to clean it up.

Men, what a waste. I’d pissed at Abreeza if I were the owner of Bread Talk. This wasn’t the only pile that was thrown due to the building’s indoor rain.

I have nothing against the mall but I’m seeing a little series of disasters even before their roof holes and flooding...Could it be the location is cursed?