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Jul 23, 2011


I noticed GOSICK because of its Art Nouveau style intro and it’s one of the many art movements that I love. The story is similar to “Sherlock Holmes and even the main character Detective Victorique ("Vikutorika"), a little girl also uses a smoking pipe when thinking. For me, visual is stunning! The soundtrack is alright.

I still don’t know what the word “Gosick” means. Anyways, I like the story and it certainly kept me guessing. I even tried solving puzzles and pointed out culprits but I don’t think I’ll pass as a detective. Characters are okay but Victorique the tiny girl with many names but unknown outside that she solves hard cases even cold ones (brought to her usually by her brother Detective and Kujo) is the most distinct of them all. The rest seems to be in the background including Kujo. She’s certainly tiny, doll like (she even lives in a "doll house") and looks harmless but her attitude and brilliance makes you feel incompetent. Don’t even try looking-down on her if you’re not ready to be challenged.

I enjoyed watching this drama, mystery, supernatural, subtle love story and little giggles anime and recommending it to all ages. I’m not recommending this because of its pretty pictures (okay, maybe). In fact, I’ve seen a lot of animes that are crazy and visually overwhelming but are absolutely Horrible. You get hyped about it because of its booming trailers and when you get to see them, it makes you say “WTF”! Gosick may not be the “usual anime” but it’s simple and hearty to watch and no gimmicky plots (like “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” freakin’ dejavu episodes!).