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Jul 30, 2011

Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV

Almost everybody hates BEELZEBUB (anime) and yet I recommend it (NOT FOR KIDS though). The reason I stayed with it because I wanted to see the development between Oga and Aoi.

Beelzebub revolves around the story of Oga Tatsumi who is the most brutal, motha-f@#%!* juvenile delinquent (as his being portrayed) and an innocent adorable looking baby that he found from an Arnold Schwarzenegger (Alaindelon) look alike splitting man. The baby immediately loves and clings to Oga because of his evil aura. He later found out from the baby’s wet nurse (Hilda) that he’ll have to raise Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV, son of the Demon King to fulfill its purpose by destroying the world. All hell breaks loose when he tries with the aid of his only weird friend Furuichi to help him separate Beelzebub from him but his solutions does the opposite and gets him even closer to the baby instead. Oops. How will this delinquent who only knows evil separate himself from the Demon King’s baby?

I did find this anime to be boring in the early episodes and there’s a lot of action since they’re the school for delinquents. Fighting is a constant activity in "Ishiyama High" and since it’s a “school life” genre, fighting styles are simple (anime style that is) except for Kunieda. People (Otakus) mentioned that it’s incomparable with Naruto and AO NO EXORCIST (or Blue Exorcist - a MUST SEE!) and this is “lame.” I agree that it’s different from these 2 kick-butt shows and I do believe and by law, a good thing. Don’t you think? The characters are interesting especially Alaindelon, Kunieda and Oga. He doesn’t have the appearance of a usual delinquent even more an evil person but Beelzebub doesn’t want to be separated from him to the point that he’ll electrify you with his tantrums. The more the story unravels, the better it gets and it’s really hilarious.

The anime has a lot of Aoi and Oga screen time in compare to manga. I appreciate their fillers. Anyways, this is a break from the fantastic martial arts of Naruto and a fun anime/manga to watch/read.