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Jun 8, 2011

Twin Popsies

Today was dreadfully HOT! I felt my eyes were steaming and red. It's supposedly the monsoon season over here and I've been eating a lot of ice cream because of the moody weather.

A tip for what ice cream to pick when it's this hot:
Grab the ones that doesn't have cream in it. I noticed that when I buy Cornetto, ice cream on stick, cups, etc. they immediately melt. It's not fun eating them when they turn into sweet cream soup. Not even the ones that were frozen in nitrogen could withstand the heat.

Grab the popsicles or my personal favorite TWIN POPS (this used to be called Twin Popsies and it was originally from Magnolia). The single Popsicles from Magnolia is good too. Now that I think about it, they cost less than the twins from Nestle. Twin Pops feels nostalgic for me but of course they used to be bigger. The cream-less (I believe) Twin Pops or Popsicles last longer after you take them out from the fridge.