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Feb 27, 2011

Diet Cooking Demo Then Eating

I attended the Diet Cooking Demo held at Tata Benito's, Rizal St. It started late because we were waiting for the others to arrive since it's raining hard. And I thought I was wrong about the date since I was the only 1 there at around 8 am. I was cold and hungry so I ate my 1 serving of carbs (huhuhu I was saving that).

The 1st thing that was taught to us was how to make Iced Tea - SWEET! I know it's simple and silly for being taught how to make an Iced Tea but it's hard to find Decaffeinated ones here. Our doctor buys it outside the city or from Duty Free and now, we know how to make some. I'm happy about it!

Lunch was PACK of healthy and tasty cuisine and I'm not into healthy eating mind you. Never have I been in a diet program that we could eat delicious food!

But the highlight for me aside from the Iced Tea and dessert was PIZZA - "Diet Pizza" that is.

It does TASTE LIKE PIZZA! Can YOU Believe that this is a diet food or a healthy one?!! And I know how to make them!! 2x SWEET!

"I caaunt bleev aym eatng hellthee." (impersonating a local ad)

If you'd like to attend the next Diet Cooking Demo call 303-DIET (3438) or 0917-6000 ^_^