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Nov 28, 2010

Music Vids From Apl.De.Ap (B.E.P.)


I haven't heard and seen this music by Apl.De.Ap. This was dated last 2009.

Out of the 3, I like this "You Can Dream." "...Parang kailan lang ang mga pangarap ko’y kay hirap abutin. Dahil sa inyo, napunta ako sa aking nais marating...." (So how do I translate this? - Once upon a time, my dreams were difficult to reach. Because of you, I achieved my goals. - Something like that.)

(And that's his real mother in the video.)

"Take me to the Philippines"

I'm quite disappointed about his lyrics because obviously he didn't include Davao, Butuan, General Santos, etc. He just mentioned Mindanao. From the looks and words of it, this was probably commissioned by our Tourism. I'm not sure. And why the hell are they featuring ladies "dancing sexy"? It's like saying, "go around the Philippines and get some Filipina booty." REALL NOW?!! (Oh my gulay, o!!)1 good thing about this is its got a catchy tune.