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May 10, 2010

Played Paintball w/ New Friends Last May 10

AT LAST!! Got to play PAINTBALL. Tan-da-DA!! Next will be Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, Swimming with Dolphins and Whales, Cave Exploration, Gliding, Kite Surfing, Floating in 0 Gravity and much more!!

May 10 was a historic day for us in this country and thought that after voting, I'll sleep (I still voted even though I was sick and i'm still sick). I didn't know that after voting, we'd eat at Dencia's and of course I didn't protest.

The younger crowd (that includes me) sat on the different table just beside the...uhm..."young at heart" crowd. I can't comment about the other table because we have our own topics that we discussed w/c was about beaches, scuba diving, wake boarding, etc. Then we arrived on the topic of PAINTBALL! I was energized about the subject and even more when we were invited by our new friend Janella to join her and her friends for Paintball at 1pm (the same day). I said YES forgetting that I was sick and badly needed a rest.

I joined the game and prayed to God not to faint and give me the strength to just play 1 game. I survived the game unscathed BWahahaha! While everybody was running around, I stayed in 1 place and screaming (CHICKEN!). Bloody hell, I was such a girl but then again it was probably due to my sickness and all (*wink).

Thank you to Janella and her friends for inviting us to play paintball w/ you. My brother had a blast.